Zululand Travel Companions

Zululand Travel Companions sasol birding app

Zululand Travel Companions can enhance a trip and make it a worthwhile journey of discovery. Here are 6 companions to enhance your Zululand experience.

Zululand Travel Companions – SASOL Bird App

It speaks volumes that the SASOL Bird App is the bestselling Birding App for Southern Africa.

7 key features are:

  • Over 950 species recorded
  • Photographs of over 2800 birds
  • Searches can be filtered by location
  • Audio for more than 630 bird calls
  • Identification of birds by size, beak shape, colour and status
  • Allows the establishment of a personal bird list
  • A bird index in English and Afrikaans with scientific names

Download here

Zululand Travel Companions Aweza

Zululand Travel Companions – Aweza Language Translator Mobile App

Sometimes when travelling in Zululand communication can be a challenge and travelling through Southern Africa, with 11 official languages, it can become much more complicated. This is now becoming a thing of the past with the mobile app, Aweza. It is South Africa’s first multi-lingual translator. It is sophisticated enough to translate phrases.

To download click here


Zululand Travel Companions africa live

Zululand Travel Companions – Wildlife Spotting App

Africa Live is a very popular wildlife spotting app for all South African National Parks. Our first reaction and concern was, if placed in the wrong hands, it could further endanger South Africa’s endangered species. Sightings of endangered animals, like the rhino that is targeted by poachers, are strategically concealed. There is a built in anti-poaching tool where users can immediately alert the authorities of any suspicious activities.

To download click here 

Zululand Travel Companions hiking app

Zululand Travel Companions – Trail Guide South Africa

This free Trail Guide mobile app displays South African mountain biking & hiking trails.

7 Key features are:

  • Contains hiking, cycling or trail running information
  • Trail descriptions are provided
  • GPS tracks
  • Points of interest often including photographs
  • Tips of equipment requirements
  • Weather forecasts
  • Facilities, fees and emergency numbers

To download click here

Zululand Travel Companions KZN Travel guide

Zululand Travel Companions – KZN Travel Guide App

For any traveller or tourist visiting Zululand we highly recommend this mobile app. For more details, please read our article “Zululand in your Pocket” with download links here.

Zululand Travel Companions Nelson Mandela folktales 1

Zululand Travel Companions – Nelson Mandela’s favourite African Folktales

Time spent in the car between destinations can be lengthy so we recommend Nelson Mandela’s Favourite African Folktales, an audiobook of 3 discs. The stories have financially benefited children orphaned and impacted by HIV/AIDS in South Africa

The audio cassettes present a fascinating collection of 16 folktales from various areas of Africa. Comprising largely of animal fables and myths and stories about people learning lessons that include African chants and music. Well-known international actors and celebrities read the stories. An amazing illustrated book is also available.

For audio tape and book click here


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