Plastic Pollution Zululand – Plastic Straws

Plastic Pollution Zululand Straw in beach sand

Plastic Pollution Zululand – Most contribute

Plastic Pollution Zululand is more than a local problem and challenge. A worldwide campaign to ban plastics gained traction in 2017 following David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet” television series. The non-recyclable relic, the single use plastic straw has gained a reputation for being one of the guilty culprits.

Plastic Pollution Zululand – Worldwide impact.

There are 5 main patches where the 8 million tons of plastic dumped annually in our oceans gather. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, twice the size of Texas contains 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic.

Plastic Pollution Zululand St Lucia beach sunrise

The image above is of St. Lucia Beach, South African World Heritage Site, Isimangaliso Wetland Park

Plastic Pollution Zululand – Don’t be a sucker

Straws are not recyclable, light in weight, can float and be blown away easily by the wind. Animals, specifically marine life can mistake straws for food often resulting in their deaths.

The easiest way to not use a straw is to refuse it when you order a drink. Investigate reusable or paper straws as an option.

The “Don’t be a sucker” initiative was initiated by the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town.

Plastic Pollution Zululand Loggerhead Turtle

Image above is a Loggerhead Turtle off the coast of Zululand, one of the few remaining breading areas in the world. For more details on Whale Watching Tours Zululand click here

Plastic Pollution Zululand – Changing Trends

Generation Z who are today’s teenagers have an amplified viewpoint on the “free from” environmental movement and recognise brands with associated value systems. This generation is coming of age as entry level workforce and are businesses future customers.

Plastic Pollution Zululand colorful marine life underwater

Plastic Pollution Zululand – Not an Eco-Fad

Restaurants are offering bamboo and paper straws and customers are beginning to refuse the use of plastic straws. For some time, Ocean Basket in Richards Bay and St Lucia have banned the use of plastic straws and plastic take away bags. Stir Coffee House at Game Centre Empangeni are beginning to offer strong take away cups containing no plastic.

Plastic Pollution Zululand Kosi Bay iSimangaliso

An image of fishing traps at Kosi Bay, South African World Heritage Site, Isimangaliso Wetland Park where the local Thonga practice sustainable fishing.

Plastic Pollution Zululand – The Challenge

Firstly, don’t be a sucker, say no to plastic straws.

We encourage Zululand restaurant businesses to ban plastic straws at their establishments. Contact us at and we will gladly feature you on this post.

Speak and act from the heart.

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