Zululand Charity Re-Boot

Zululand Charity Re-Boot

Zululand Charity Re-Boot

Zululand Charity Re-Boot Empangeni is a non-profit charity project focusing on the collection and distribution of soccer boots to local rural school-going football players. The project is looking for donations of old soccer boots, preferably in a good condition, for young football enthusiasts.

Zululand Charity Re-Boot – Background

The Giles family of Empangeni are well-known in Zululand and are passionate about the local community. They are a sporting family and understand the importance of correct sport’s apparel and equipment. The charity project has therefore taken cognizance of affordability issues apparent in many of the rural areas.

Zululand Charity Re-Boot 3 barefoot Zulu Boy

This charity is an intuitive and motivated project founded by Linda Giles. After attending a local soccer tournament Linda noticed a distinct contrast between some of the teams. While some were well-equipped and kitted-out, other teams had very little to play with.

Zululand Charity Re-Boot – The Concept

Linda ingeniously thought that perhaps a number of people could possibly have a pair of soccer boots lying around. A pair in good condition gathering dust at the bottom of a cupboard; a pair of boots so desperately needed by a young player. Linda rallied around and managed to collect a few precious pairs of soccer boots and kindly distributed the donations at the next tournament.

Unfortunately, the kind donations did not suffice, and many of the players remained barefoot during the match. Many of the boys, when substituted, quickly exchanged the donated soccer boots to a less fortunate team member.

Zululand Charity Re-Boot – Growth

Linda has decided to dedicate more time to the project and urges the public to donate used soccer boots to assist young players from the rural areas. Zululand Charity Re-Boot Empangeni is a worthy cause and since its inception many a pair of used soccer boots have aided the young players.

This worthy charity appreciates the public’s assistance and Linda can be contacted on 072 471 2254 or 035-792 5828 in order to make further arrangements regarding drop-off or collection points.



Family member and Graphic Designer Rob Mills at SearchBAR., designed the Re-Boot logo and his work can be viewed on our web post, South African Culture Slang Words, featured on our web page.

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