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Shaka Zulu Comic Book Hero – Rave Reviews

Shaka Zulu Comic Book Hero – The latest “Shaka Rising” comic book has recently received marvellous reviews from The Wall Street Journal and the New York Journal of Books. Comic books are a colourful and exciting medium for storytelling with a huge visual impact. Following the worldwide success of the movie “Black Panther”, a keen new interest has risen in Africa. There is also current interest in the historical figure, Shaka Zulu, and Zulu history with the TV mini series, “Shaka Ilembe” to be released soon on MNET and the King Cetshwayo Musical Stage Show.

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Shaka Zulu Comic Book Hero – Creators of “Shaka Rising”

“Shaka Rising” was created by Durban born freelance illustrative artist and writer, Luke Molver. The comic book is published by Storypress, a new publishing partnership between America and South Africa.

Shaka Zulu Comic Book Hero – The Background

Shaka Zulu is probably without doubt one of South Africa’s best known historical figures after Nelson Mandela. He reigned supreme at the beginning of 19th Century and has probably become the most influential Zulu monarch.

“Shaka Rising” is an epic tale set in a different age, but its characters and themes are as familiar to us as sibling rivalry, the heartache of a lost love, or simply a yearning to belong. “It is as much a coming-of-age tale as it is a saga of war and politics”, says Luke Molver.

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Shaka Zulu Comic Book Hero – Why it is worth a read

  • The comic contains a fascinating combination of entertainment and education.
  • In 90 pages a reader will obtain a massive amount of information.
  • There is a glossary of Zulu words and information related to scenes in the comic.
  • The visual content magnifies the epic story.
  • Although the target market was for 15 – 25 year olds  the comic is really for any age.
  • This is a fast paced adventure story where the reader learns Zulu culture and customs.
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Shaka Zulu Comic Book Hero – The Future

The comic book will be released in South Africa in September 2018. The production of the second volume comic series about Shaka’s story started in early 2018.

For more historical detail on Shaka Zulu click here

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