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Zulu King Cetshwayo Zululand News – He was born in 1826 at his father’s (Mpande) kraal at Mlambongwenya, near Eshowe. Mpande became King of the Zulus following his victory over King Dingaan’s army in 1840.

Zulu King Cetshwayo Zululand News – General Background

After Mpande’s death in 1872, he reconstructed and regenerated the Zulu army and had continual border disputes with the Boers in the west and the English in the South.

King Cetshwayo was an intelligent, disciplined man, a strong military leader with political savvy. Cetshwayo was considered a threat to the interests of the British Colony which resulted in the Anglo Zulu War and the later destruction of Zulu power.

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Zulu King Cetshwayo Zululand News – Some Facts

  • The Zulu army under Cetshwayo were armed with short stabbing spears and Nguni cattle raw hide shields and a few muzzle-loading muskets.
  • The British Army had the latest military equipment of the time, mainly the well-made and sturdy Martini-Henry rifle.
  • Cetshwayo’s greatest victory was at the Battle of Isandlwana on 22 January 1879 when his army totally out-maneuvered the British Forces. On the same day a smaller force was defeated by the British at the Defense of Rorke’s Drift.
  • The Zulus finally were finally broken at Kambula and Ulundi now a part of KwaZulu Natal.
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Zulu King Cetshwayo Zululand News – Some More Facts

  • Cetshwayo was captured and sent to London via Cape Town where he met with Queen Victoria. She allowed him to return to South Africa in January 1883 to rule a portion of the former Zulu kingdom, one of thirteen chiefdoms established by the British.
  • He died at the British administrative center in Eshowe in February 1884 under suspicious circumstances.
  • Cetshwayo’s body was returned to the Nkandla Forest for burial. His grave is not easily found or directions given as it considered sacred and is guarded by the Zulu.
  • The King Cetshwayo District Municipality was named after him, incorporating Empangeni, Eshowe, Gingindlovu, Kwambonambi, Melmoth, Mtunzini, Nkandla, Ntambanana and Richards Bay.
  • There is the King Cetshwayo Celebration and even a theater production, The King Cetshwayo Musical Stage Show.

Zulu King Cetshwayo Zululand News – Succession

  • Dinizulu succeeded Cetshwayo who ruled until 1913 and was proclaimed king in May 1884
  • Dinizulu was followed by Soloman
  • Cyprian succeeded Soloman in 1948.
  • The current King of the Zulus is King Goodwill Zwelethini kaBhekuzulu, the son of Cyprian.
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Zulu King Cetshwayo Zululand News Article

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