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Zululand Business

Zululand Business today can be thankful to sugar cane farming, the establishment of international trade with the development of Richards Bay Harbour in the 1970’s and tourism. This boosted much of the infrastructure required to conduct local commerce and industry.

The best of Zululand business partners with the community to satisfy customer’s needs. As we strive forward with the advancement in technology the benefits of old forms of promotion and advertising such as newspapers, local magazines, billboards in the form of printed media are now very questionable. We live in the digital age and Zululand News is proud to be at the forefront of these technological changes. Besides our environmental commitment to being virtually a paperless company we drive for the eradication of single use plastic products. Visit our “Straws Suck” campaign.


Zululand Business – local companies are displayed at the bottom of this page.

Zululand Business – Modern Trends

Banking, insurance, transport, property, entertainment, beauty and health, stationery, technology, tourism, restaurants and more are all plying their trade in Zululand. The risk of survival, growth and expansion for these organizations becomes greater every day through a lack of dynamic promotion and advertising on the internet. It is no longer sufficient to have a web site anymore unless it features highly on Web Search Engines such as Google. Business companies need to be on a digital platform that generate high traffic throughput.

Zululand Business – local Zululand companies are displayed at the bottom of this page.

Zululand News and its business web posts rate highly on Web Search Engines and our traffic continues to grow daily as we only promote local Zululand News and positive posts. Again our Facebook Page only proudly promotes local or those that support Zululand for the economic development of the region.

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