Zulu Influence Black Panther Movie

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Zulu Influence Black Panther Movie

Zulu Influence Black Panther Movie, “Black Panther” is probably the best film ever to come out of Marvel and the second highest grossing movie at worldwide box offices in 2018. The superhero movie stars three South African main actors and is a celebration of African culture. It won the TOP Screen Actors Guild award on 28 February 2019, which enhances its status ahead of the forthcoming 2019 Oscars.

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Although many African cultures are featured in “Black Panther” Zululand News is proud of the many Zulu influences in the movie.

Zulu Influence Black Panther Movie– The Facts

  • Some of the most famous Zulu references are made of the great Shaka Zulu.
  • Traditional Zulu weapons featured includes the assegai and iklwa spears and umbumbuluzo cow-hide shields. In one scene a spear is broken, which is similar to Shaka Zulu’s iklwa spears which were shorter to be more effective with shorter handles and larger blades.
  • In the main fight scene at the waterfall Zulu stick fighting (Ukungcweka) is predominant with some Afro-Brazilian Capoeira (dance-like martial arts).  Zulu stick fighting utilizes three weapons simultaneously. Traditionally the left hand holds both a small shield and a long, light “blocking stick”, and the right hand wields the induku, a heavier striking stick.
  • M’Baku is leader of the Jabari tribe whose choice of weapon is the knobkerrie war club associated with the Zulu of KwaZulu Natal. 
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Zulu Influence Black Panther Movie– More Facts

  • You will see rondavels (roundhouses) which play a huge role in the ancestral traditions and beliefs of many South African tribes including the Zulus.
  • During the battle, the formation made by the respective armies are reminiscent of the cow horn attack formation Shaka Zulu’s army introduced.
  • Most African kings, especially Zulu kings have had royal sangomas (tribal healers). The legendary Forest Whitaker plays the part of T’Challa’s royal sangoma.
  • Self-professed gqom queen, Zulu born Bongekile Simelane known as Babes Wodumo’s features musically. Her hit song Wololo features is part of the movie’s soundtrack.
  • Zulu is not spoken in the movie but Xhosa.
  • Queen Ramonda wears a distinct headdress similar to the isicholos worn by married Zulu women for ceremonial purposes. They are large circular red hats made of dried grass, entwined with red cotton and human hair.
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Zulu Influence  Black Panther Movie Article

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